Kathey Norton

Just my take on the Miley Cyrus incident at the VMAs last week.

Thursday nights won’t be the same without The Office.  I loved this show for so many years, and thank the cast and crew for creating such an awesome show with characters that were so special.

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about how people view someone age 25 and under pursuing creative interests versus someone 25 or older. If you’re in your thirties or forties and taking singing lessons or guitar lessons, for example, people attribute those pursuits to being hobbies to pass the time; however if you’re 25 or under the natural assumption is that you are studying to become a singer and musician.  Ageism and the arts and how artists have to keep pursuing their passions in life despite the obstacles is the subject of this blog entry.


Tommy Lee Jones even made Grumpy Cat look happy.


You are lovely. Even if you can’t see it, or you find yourself with people who refuse to acknowledge your talents and attributes, remember that you are brilliant and strong and interesting and loved.

I don’t even know you but I think you’re great.