Kathey Norton

I did a couple of interviews last week to promote my new rock and roll novel What Becomes a Legend Most. 

9/9/14 “Insight” (Capital Public Radio)



9/4/14 Pocket News:


I had my launch party/book signing on Friday 9/12. You can purchase the eBook version of the novel on Amazon, iBooks, Barnes and Noble and many other online book sites.  It’s also available in print version at Dimple Records locations in Sacramento, CA. Here is a link to the Amazon description of the book:


The print version of my novel, What Becomes a Legend Most, arrived this weekend. I’m very excited to finally have a novel in print. I asked the girls at the UPS Store to take a photo.  I want to encourage all writers to think about indie publishing. Don’t waste time waiting for traditional publishers and agents to reject your work.  I spent a lot of years doing that. Just publish your own work and don’t forget to market and promote it, too.

My new novel, What Becomes a Legend Most, has been released to Amazon Kindle, Nook (Barnes & Noble), and Apple iBooks.


Cassie Hamilton is a rock musician trying to conquer her personal demons while fighting to climb the record charts. A survivor of sexual abuse and an impressionable young woman with a knack for becoming involved with some of rock’s most notorious bad boys, Cassie fights against sexism, drug and alcohol abuse, and her own nagging self-doubt to obtain the fame and respect she craves.

Links to each retail site provided at website address.


Tommy Lee Jones even made Grumpy Cat look happy.


You are lovely. Even if you can’t see it, or you find yourself with people who refuse to acknowledge your talents and attributes, remember that you are brilliant and strong and interesting and loved.

I don’t even know you but I think you’re great.